Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Rorschach's Journal - January 19, 2010

Had good night last night. Lost count of how many criminals will no longer be a blight on society. Left calling card, like in old days. Feels good to be working again.

Still, somehow off-kilter. Doesn't feel the same. Found myself wondering if Dreiberg and Jupiter are still out there, somewhere. 25 years later, probably both long retired by now. Can't blame them; body gives out after so long. Still, may look in.

2001 attacks don't seem to be work of Veidt. No sign of him anywhere. Still in Antarctica? Dead? Who knows? Like to think he got his just desserts in the end, died freezing in his broken temple.

Feels strange to be lonely after so many years of being alone. Guess it was different, knowing the others were still out there, even if no longer in game. Still, mission comes first. That's all there is, only difference I can make, though small.

Once they know I'm back, things will change. They'll hate me, but depend on me, just like old times. When police can't do jobs, when courts fail, when corruption controls political maneuverings and they lose everything, they'll cry to the sky, beg for help...

...and I'll still whisper, "no."

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