Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Rorschach's Journal - January 19, 2010

Had good night last night. Lost count of how many criminals will no longer be a blight on society. Left calling card, like in old days. Feels good to be working again.

Still, somehow off-kilter. Doesn't feel the same. Found myself wondering if Dreiberg and Jupiter are still out there, somewhere. 25 years later, probably both long retired by now. Can't blame them; body gives out after so long. Still, may look in.

2001 attacks don't seem to be work of Veidt. No sign of him anywhere. Still in Antarctica? Dead? Who knows? Like to think he got his just desserts in the end, died freezing in his broken temple.

Feels strange to be lonely after so many years of being alone. Guess it was different, knowing the others were still out there, even if no longer in game. Still, mission comes first. That's all there is, only difference I can make, though small.

Once they know I'm back, things will change. They'll hate me, but depend on me, just like old times. When police can't do jobs, when courts fail, when corruption controls political maneuverings and they lose everything, they'll cry to the sky, beg for help...

...and I'll still whisper, "no."

Monday, January 18, 2010

Rorschach's Journal--January 18, 2010

Went out into the streets last night. City looks mostly same. More lights, more technology, more decadence, everything more.

Heard struggles in alley. Man trying to rape woman. Probably whore, but intervened anyway. He will not be raping women ever again. Felt good to dirty hands. Feels like forever since I did so. Suppose it has been--25 years, even though was only yesterday. Let woman go with warning.

This city is diseased. Shame that after Veidt attack in 85, rebuilding didn't heal wounds. Only caused them to fester.

Veidt was wrong. Not sure whether to feel vindicated or bad about that. No longer teetering on the brink of nuclear Armageddon, Soviet Union gone, but terrorism rampant. Instead of nuclear arsenals, people fear dirty bombs and biological attacks. Government clamping down on personal liberties. Once they have power, they don't let it go.

America at war it cannot win. "War on Terror." Even Manhattan couldn't win that one. Attacking countries in the Middle East it can't pacify or control. All in name of "freedom." Comedian would appreciate that. Only real freedom anyone has is the choices we make.

Used to feel bitter. Now feeling depressed. I think I need to go back to work. Stop worrying about what's happened in the past two decades and resume punishing evil. After all, the filth generated by this city is the only constant that matters.

Tonight will try and make name for myself. Let city know I'm back. That should make me feel better.


Sunday, January 17, 2010

Rorschach's Journal--January 17, 2010

Woke up in alley. No idea what happened. Assume Dr. Manhattan's newfound appreciation for life got the better of him. Thought at first his mistake, then went out to look around.

Found newspaper on street, said date January 2010. Manhattan sent me into future. New York rebuilt, President black. Stench of liberals and socialists everywhere. Conservatives appear to have lost way. Nobody has clear vision anymore. Strange technology everywhere, but humanity still a cesspool of drugs, violence, and immorality. Sex and violence on television worse than ever, much of it real, now.

Found computer in library--easier to use, now. Girl next to me showed computer journal. Said people everywhere can read if done this way. Called "Internet."

Was hard to find unique title. Someone stole proper spelling of name--must investigate.

Looked at news on Internet. Said attacks on United States in early twenty-first century: Veidt still up to old tricks? Must look into this.

Can't write long, too much to learn. Much has changed, much still the same.

More later,